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We are striving to be a green company. We employ coal as a heat source and it also heats all of the hot water for the facility. The lighting is all LED technology. We use some solor power to decrease the strain on the local utility. Our washers in the Laundry are all High Efficiency rated.

We are a family oriented organization offering some of the best in Alaskan Hospitality and look forward to your visit with us

A Little of the History of the Snowshoe Motel

1956 Paul and LuV came to Alaska seeking adventure with a six year old son and a six month old daughter. Paul's first job was Civil Service work in Tok.
1962 Their son had problems in school and they transferred to Anchorage and Palmer. There they built a six-plex.
1968 Their son joined the Navy CB.
1972 Paul and LuV had an offer to buy in with friends, in a small motel in Tok. They moved back in the spring of 1973 and operated the Golden Bear Motel and Gift Shop and camper park.
1981 In the fall, they split the partnership.
1982 In the spring, they opened the Snowshoe Fine Arts and Gift Shop.
1983 They bought the old Gateway Motel in the fall and started building the present Snowshoe Motel in the summer of 1986.
The present 24 units was completed in the fall, and the old Gateway Motel was sold and moved away.

The Snowshoe is a family owned and operated business. Since Paul passed away in April of 1998 Candy and LuV continue to operate the business.


The floor plan of the motel is a unique design which they derived from an apartment design they found years prior to building their own motel.

The motel has a new look with the new siding. We have painted the interior units and continue to up-grade them.

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